Friday, March 7, 2008

"Time for your bath (tub)!"

Last night Rob and I spent a few hours in my shop, prepping and painting our bathtubs. Above, my son Joey checks the sinks prostate.
Peek a boo! Messy shop, dirty tubs, hard work, great friend.
Here's Rob's tub. It came out very nice. Once I get done adding the green glitter flake it'll be even nicer!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No Components Were Harmed During the Deconstruction of this Airstream.

Well, now we're getting into it. Yesterday we finally had some warm weather (33 degrees) and I was able to get out into the trailer to get more pieces out. I'm going nice and slow, being careful to take everything apart without destroying anything. Serendipidously, as I was working on getting the curb-side closet out I was listenting to old episodes of The VAP, and they were talking about going slow and finding all of the hidden fasteners. With their guidance I was able to find the two screws underneath the bed that go into the closet. Thanks guys!
This is where the magic happens. I have finished refurbishing the vanity,and it came out beautifully. It is set aside and now I'm working on the vanity counter top and medicine cabinet. The plywood top had delaminated in one spot, so I've glued it back and clamped it. I'm having a blast bringing this stuff back to life.
Here's something I said I would never do: bag and label fasteners. I have rebuilt a few motorcycles and have never had to resort to this kind of organization. However, I think it is going to be a very good idea since a 1961 Airstream has so much hardware to keep track of, especially when compared to a Triumph motorcycle of the same vintage.