Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's been a while since my last post, and even longer since my last post that had anything to do with my Airstream renovation. I had taken pictures of my wardrobes, vanity, and couter top all "dry fitted". For the past month I have been working on getting everything riveted and screwed into it's final position.

Daryl at Pharsalia Metal Fabricating contructed this wonderful black tank out of stainless steel. It was not cheap, but my original tank had deteriorated beyond the point of repair. I could have had a tank made of plastic or tried to find an original fiberglass tank in better shape than my own, but this tank will outlast our grandchildren and I'll never have to worry about it falling apart.

Ahh, boxes of stuff. New toilet from PPL, valves and flanges from PPL and various Ebay sellers.
The toilet looks good to me, and even better to my family. I still have to plumb my trailer, but it's usable if you have a bucket of water to flush with! It'll be a shame to hide that beautiful black tank with the cover that I have to build, but then again some things should be hidden from view, no matter how nice they are. I'm happy with the toilet. The bowl is china, and it has a vintage look that goes with the trailer. The seat and cover are a cheap flimsy plastic, but I'll have my eyes open for a suitable replacement.
The back half of the trailer is coming together quite nicely. The front half of the trailer, however, is a different story. I'll be ready for the rally at Rob Baker's farm the 2nd weekend in August, though. I hope to have an awning by then, and I have to make a place for my wife, our daughter, and me to sleep. The 3 boys will be outside in a tent for now. Hopefully there will be indoor berths for all 6 of us in time for CBR 2010.