Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sugar Snow

After a long, cold winter my Airstream is ready to see some attention. She's been parked behind the shop, a long way away from the driveway. I parked her there last fall with the plan of painting the interior and working on her all Winter. Well, we've had a really cold and snowy one here in central New York. Oh, and that painting I was doing in my last blog post? It was a disaster. The paint did not stick as it should have. It was a combination of the wrong paint, poor preparation, cold temperatures, and pesky leaks that allow water to run down the interior walls when it rains or the snow on top melts. My plan for the past month has been to get the trailer out from behind the shop and get it over to Don Stanton's place in North Norwich so he can paint the Zolotone for me. He's a pro painter, and does amazing work. The picture above shows what I was looking at as far as getting back to the trailer. This is after 2 weeks of nice warm weather melting much of the snow. Intimidating, to say the least.
Problem number 2 was getting my truck positioned in front of the trailer so I could hook on and try to back it out. I have to drive through a swamp to get there, too. I can hear you asking "Why the hell do you park there?". Easy answer: when I park there I can walk right out the back door of my shop and right into the trailer. Very convenient to wotk on, not so much when you have to move it in the winter.

That pile of snow I showed in picture number 1? It's at the edge of the driveway, and to get back up onto the driveway after hooking on I'd have to climb this little hill, on a side slope, with trees just off to the right. Trees that looked like they were willing to do a little panel re-arranging on any Airstream that gets too close.

Ahh. This picture says it all. I was able to get her back out and ready to be towed over to Don's with no trouble whatsoever. I never even spun a tire out in the yard. I have a 1996 Dodge that did the job for me, and I'll forever be a Dodge man from now on. Work can get going on my silver beauty and I'll be with my friends in D.C. in a month and a half for the WDCU Cherry Blossom Rally. Thank God it's out.